Registration is now open

I’m really excited that registration for Sarah’s Body Blitz is now open again. Last year my husband and I had an amazing adventure travelling around Australia. As this program focuses on daily 1 to 1 coaching to get proven results, I closed the business. We were off the grid for extended periods of time and felt I couldn’t invest the time to nurture and support each and every client.

My re-launched programme is now even more tailored to your nutritional and exercise needs and I cannot wait to see everyones results. Head to programmes to start your journey to a healthy, fit and amazing 2018.  Registration closes 3rd January  to ensure everyone has the time to prepare for a 6th January super start.

With the program you get a 

– nutrition plan

– exercise program

– recipe ebook

– helpful tips and advice

– group support

– a one on one, 7 days a week coach

Together we can get the results you want………………


ps: If you want to see what I was up to last year…..Checkout Fun Fit Adventure 



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