” I loved getting to know and working with you. I still implement the tool and tips you have taught me. Thank you”  Beverley, VIC AUS

“I’d like to say Thankyou for your continued support through the last 2 months & want you to know that I really appreciate your information” Ann-Marie, WA Australia

6 – week progress shots. Starting weight 68.9kg down to 63.3kg  Female, England


6-week progress shots. Starting weight 75.7kg down to 66.6kg Female England 


“Feeling so much healthier & fitter since changing our diet & doing your exercises! You’ve given us a realistic diet plan that is working well with our life style! & there’s  still healthy yummy food we can have” Simone, WA Australia

“I will be keeping it up, learned loads and we’re all eating better! I have actually really enjoyed being more active. My jeans are all too big now  (even pre pregnancy ones!) So im gonna have to go shopping!! Xxxx” Bev, ENGLAND